Wire Bins for Storage and Display

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Wire Bins for Storage and Display

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The most popular of all merchandising accessories are wire bins, also referred to as baskets. Especially in the retail industry, these bins offer tremendous value. Although there are many applications, smaller bins are perfect for storing and displaying smaller items such as hair accessories, socks, toiletries, belts, ties, and other similar items.

Wire bins are cost-effective for businesses of all sizes; if your retail company is new or in the growing phase, there will be no problem staying within budget.

Wire Bins for Storage

To operate a retail business, you have to keep inventory on hand, secure, and organized. However, one of the biggest challenges is a lack of space. Even if you have a larger store, inventory stacks up quickly. Instead of spending money on flimsy bins that will fall apart quickly, you should consider investing in a higher-quality product.

Wire bins work great for both storage and display. For instance, these bins are ideal for holding extra inventory, separating items that go back on the floor, and storing damaged merchandise. With this system, you will save a tremendous amount of time and effort.

It is also much easier to identify items stored in wire bins. Keep in mind that wire bins come in a wide range of sizes and styles so even extremely small items can be stored while being perfectly secure.

Wire Bins for Display

Wire bins are also an excellent solution for displaying merchandise on the floor. With a vast number of styles and sizes, these bins look great in the store and make it easier for customers to find merchandise. Just as with storage, these bins are great for keeping displays organized. In addition to merchandise looking great, there is protection against damage caused by items falling on the floor.

Variety of Options

Along with different dimensions, wire bins come in a wide range of configurations, materials, and finishes. Because of this, you have options regarding weight, degree of sturdiness, and even ease of installation. For the best selection, we invite you to look at our catalog. The team at Action Retail Outfitters can provide information and guidance, as well as create a custom solution if you prefer.