The form, function, and beauty of a clean and modern shelving and display system.

Enhance your retail space with the modern solutions of the Mode Display system. It gives the ultimate balance of form, function, and flexibility. This system features outrigger posts with casings available in multiple finishes including wood look, aluminum, and painted, all designed for wall systems, gondola shelves, and matching tables.


Make a lasting statement with the modern touch and dynamic nature of Mode Display gondola shelves and wall systems.
The Mode Display System is fully adaptable; select your combination of end units, centre posts, and shelf, bar or hook configuration and you have an easily re-configurable gondola unit.
The right shelf makes the system and Mode Display System’s standard shelving sizes and colours means you can select the right metal shelf size and colour for your retail environment needs.
Wall Standards
The Mode Display System leverages a slotted standards-style upright spaced 2” on centre. This versatile system allows for a wall system to have the same look, feel, and accessories as the gondolas on the floor.
From waterfalls or bars, baskets to shelf rests, accessories for Mode Display System give you options for both wall and free-standing displays, be that slatwall, gridwall, and custom panel systems.


We feature the latest in modern retail display and accessory designs, and the Mode Display System is no exception. Add Mode’s stylish, contemporary form, function, and flexibility to any retail environment to achieve almost any look.


The only thing that holds Mode Display System back is a lack of imagination.
  • Gondola panels, top and bottom sections, side, middle, and end units
  • Available in grey, chrome, white, black, silver metallic, and satin nickel
  • Available in various sizes
  • Metal shelves available in 24” x 14”, 30” x 14”, and 48” x 14”
  • Shelf brackets also available in a 14” length
  • Standard colours include Chrome, Satin nickel, Silver metallic, Grey, Matte black, or Glossy white.
Wall Standards
  • Outrigger uprights available in 120” heights
  • Standard uprights available in either 96” or 120” heights, in Chrome, Satin nickel, Silver metallic, Grey, Matte black, or Glossy white.
  • Accessories available include:
  • “U” bars in various sizes
  • Flatbars in various sizes
  • Faceouts and waterfalls
  • Hooks
  • Shelf rests
  • Shoe shelves
  • Hat displays
  • Wire baskets

With wall systems and gondola shelving in a single platform, the Mode Display System can do it all.

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