Gridwall fixtures allow for flexible and customizable shelving and displays to organize products.

Gridwall fixtures are a cost-effective display solution that is ideal for dynamic retailers who turn over product and display setups quickly. Heavy-duty gridwall shelving and display solutions help you create the sensible retail display you need.


At ARO, we know how important the right shelving and display solution is. That’s why we carry a wide range of gridwall fixtures, shelves, and accessories so you can discover the right fit for your needs.
3x3 Gridwall Panels
Gridwall panels are an efficient and flexible shelving and display system that can help you create an incredible range of displays. Use them in your storefront windows, as POP displays, and so much more.
Slatgrid Panels
Slatgrid panels integrate with almost all gridwall and slatwall accessories. Horizontal double wires build a slatwall pattern on heavy-duty vertical gridwall that is spaced 6” apart.
Hooks, Faceouts & Hangrails
With a wide range of ways to outfit your gridwall, you can update your display to match changing inventory needs. From gridwall hooks, faceouts and waterfalls, to hangrails.
Keep your gridwall panels sturdy while adding mobility to your displays with the right legs and bases.
Bracket options include shelf brackets to mount wood or glass shelves to a gridwall, and round and rectangular hangrail brackets to add a hangrail.
Baskets & Trays
Wire baskets and trays are available in a wide range of dimensions and sizes.
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Perfect for apparel and a variety of other types of products, choose from slanted shelves, bookshelf/blu-ray/DVD, flat shelves, corner shelves, basic shelves, sheet metal shelves, and acrylic shoe shelves.
A wide variety of panel clamps including four-way gridwall connectors, corner connector clamps, gridwall to gridwall clamp, heavy-duty clamp, and more.
Gridwall Accessories
There is a large number of gridwall accessories available, so you can create almost any look for your store.
Sign Holders
Need to promote a new product or call attention to an item reduced to sell? Then sign holders are essential. Options include millinery display, gridwall easel, and western hat display.


We supply versatile, functional, stylish, and affordable gridwall retail fixtures and accessories. Our impressive line-up of standard solutions sets us apart from our competition — they are designed to showcase your merchandise effectively. And if you need to customize your shelves, we can help you find the custom solution that will fit your needs.


Gridwall options are available in the following formats:
3X3 Gridwall Panels
  • 3" x 3” standard gridwall available in panel sizes from 12” x 48” up to 24” x 96”
  • Heavy-duty wire gridwall panels, ¼” in diameter
  • Available in black, chrome and white
Slatgrid Panels
  • Horizontal double wires build a slatwall pattern on heavy-duty vertical gridwall that is spaced 6” apart
  • Available in panel sizes from 24” x 60” up to 24” x 96”
  • Available in black, chrome and white
Hooks, Faceouts, and Hangrails
  • Countless hook, faceout, and hangrail options including:
  • Hooks available as stem, loop, or scanning hooks, in standard, medium, and heavy-duty options, in 6 sizes ranging from 4” to 12” long
  • Square and rectangular faceouts, in 3” or 12” long, in black, chrome, and white
  • Hook, ball, and cube waterfall faceouts in black, chrome, satin chrome, and white
  • Round, square and rectangle hangrail tubing, in 2’ to 10’ lengths
  • Legs for gridwall and slatgrid panels
  • Available in L-Shape gridwall legs, gondola base, triangle gridwall base, or four-sided gridwall base
  • 24” long legs, available in black, chrome, and white
  • Comes in pairs
  • Available with removable casters and levellers
  • Shelf brackets, in 12” or 14”, in black and chrome, and white
  • Round and rectangle hangrail bracket options, 4” and 12” projections
  • Round, square and rectangle hangrail tubing, in 2’ to 10’ lengths
Baskets & Trays
  • Various basket sizes and options including:
  • Square baskets
  • Small baskets
  • Narrow baskets
  • Shallow baskets
  • Sloped front baskets
  • Double sloping Baskets
  • Folding baskets
  • All baskets & trays available in black and chrome
  • Various shelving options including:
  • Slanted shelves
  • Book/DVD shelves
  • Flat shelves with a lip
  • Corner shelves
  • Acrylic, glass, melamine, and injection moulded Duron shelves
  • We also offer shelves with and without lips, bullnose, and other features.
  • Various gridwall connectors and clamps including:
  • Four-way gridwall connectors
  • Corner connector clamps
  • Gridwall to gridwall clamps
  • Heavy-duty clamps
  • Gridwall/tub clamps
  • Slotted mount brackets
  • Heavy-duty wall mounting bracket
Gridwall Accessories
  • Various gridwall accessories including:
  • Hook safety tips in glossy black
  • Plastic gridwall connectors
  • Wire gridwall panels to build cube systems
Sign Holders
  • Gridwall sign holder holds cardstock signs, available in black
  • Sign holders available in various sizes from 5 ½” x 7”, to 8 ½” x 11”

With the right panels, hooks, shelves, accessories and your imagination, gridwall options will help you create a unique merchandising system tailored for your retailing needs.

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