We have easy-to-use and easy-to-move wire baskets, trays, and dump bins in a wide range of dimensions and sizes.

Available in assorted sizes, different styles, and for use in a shelving or display system or as stand-alone dump bins - at ARO we will help you find the perfect assortment of wire baskets and trays to keep your merchandise tidy and within reach.

With a vast array of wire baskets, trays and dump bins available, you can create the custom look and setup that’s right for you.


On the floor or the shelves, have complete visibility, no matter the size or shape of your merchandise with a variety of wire baskets and trays.

The fastest way to find the right wire accessory is to simply give us a call and we will help you find exactly what you need.

Endless Baskets
Perfect for loose merchandise, endless baskets use dividers and a sloped front to keep product organized.
Hanging Baskets
Hanging dump baskets can be mounted to gridwall, slatwall, pegboard, or shelving systems’ uprights or crossbars.
Fold Flat Baskets
Fold flat baskets are similar to hanging baskets but they fold down flat for easy storage when not in use.
Dump Bins
Available in different shapes and sizes, with casters or lifts, all wire dump bins are collapsible and a necessity for mid-aisle or end cap bulk displays.
Tier Bin Displays
Stackable, interlocking wire storage bin racks organize and store material multi-purposes display. Bin tiers can be stacked or used individually.
Wire Trays
Available in a variety of setups and sizes, from basic and flat shelves and trays to slanted and corner shelves and trays. Perfect for gridwall and slatwall display and wall systems.
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Wire baskets, trays, and dump bins are the chosen display solution for bulk products, as well as odd-shaped bulky items and discount bins. Available in assorted sizes, wire gauges, styles, and for use in a shelving or display system or as stand-alone units - there are plenty of options to choose from.


We have a huge selection of wire baskets, trays and dump bins.
Endless Baskets
  • Mounts to gridwall, slatwall, pegboard, and gondola uprights
  • Gondola options available for 3’ and 4’ shelf widths, with 13”, 16”, 19” and 22” depths
  • Dividers can be placed anywhere within the basket
  • Endless baskets can also be used as a wire shelf
Hanging Baskets
  • Mounts to gridwall, slatwall, pegboard, and shelving uprights or crossbars
  • In a variety of dimensions and sizes from small square sizes including:
  • Square baskets
  • Small baskets
  • Narrow baskets
  • Shallow baskets
  • Sloped front baskets
  • Double sloping baskets
Fold Flat Baskets
  • Folds flat for low-cost shipping and storage
  • Mounts to gridwall, slatwall, and standard pegboard
  • In various sizes
Dump Bins
  • Adjustable collapsible dump bins, with adjustable shelf heights and casters, each with a 32” height, in 3 sizes, 16” x 16”, 16” x 24”, and 23” x 23”
  • Square collapsible dump bins, with adjustable shelf heights, in 2 sizes, 3’ x 3’ and 4’ x 4’
  • Heavy-duty wire dump bins in a variety of sizes, in square, rectangular, and octagonal, frame spacing allows for lifts to be used during store resets
Tier Bin Displays
  • Can order each basket individually or as a 4 bin kit
  • 4-tier bin display kits come with 4 stacking bins, 35" x 50" x 16 ½”
  • Individual stacking baskets can be ordered with or without casters, 24” x 16”, 18”, or 20” x 10”
Wire Trays
  • Various tray options including:
  • Slanted shelves
  • Book/DVD shelves
  • Flat shelves with a lip
  • Corner shelves
  • Basic shelves
  • Sheet metal shelves

Keep it easy for customers to find your products with wire baskets and trays.

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