With the right system, you can create dynamic spaces that can be reconfigured for changing environments.

Make every shopping experience easy and convenient with the right shelving system to effectively display your products. We carry quality retail shelving systems designed to work with you for years to come. Strong, versatile, functional, and cost-effective, we have the right system for you.



Your choice of shelving is essential in how your customers view your brand and your products. We offer a considerable selection of shelving solutions designed for all retail categories, no matter the size or scope of the project.

We know your shopping experience needs to bring customers back - time and again, and the right shelving system is the foundation for your environment and product.


We carry a wide range of shelving systems and shelving accessories designed to complement any space and need.
  • Available in 30 colours and finishes, including metallic and textured options
  • Sections can be combined for any length of run
  • Section widths are 24”, 36”, & 48”
  • Base deck depths range from 13” - 31”
  • Upright heights range from 36” - 120”
  • Canopy, parts and accessories easily mix and match for a unique look and personalized function
Mode Display System
  • Accessories available supporting both ⅝” and 1” slots including:
  • Hooks
  • Hangrails
  • Faceouts
  • Waterfalls
  • Brackets
  • Bubble brackets
  • Shelves
  • Bins
  • Gondola panels
  • Uprights
  • Nesting tables
Mobi Display System
  • Accessories available include:
  • Shelves: Melamine shelves, shoe shelves, perforated metal shelves, and solid metal shelves
  • Gondola panels, top and bottom sections, side, middle, and end units
  • Wall standards available in 1" slotted double standard
  • Additional accessories include hooks, sign holders, dividers, brackets, baskets, arms, hangrails, and more.

The right brands and the right solutions. Make Action Retail Outfitters your preferred choice for all of your shelving system needs.

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