Using a Display Table to Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season

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Using a Display Table to Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season

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With the Christmas shopping season just around the corner, you will want to have your store in tip-top shape to receive a throng of customers. In addition to hiring additional staff and bringing in new merchandise, something as simple as a display table can help boost sales during these busy times.

Appropriate Merchandise

The first step is to have the right type of merchandise on display. We suggest focusing on what people want and expect to find during the holidays while maintaining standard items carried in your store. If customers walk into your establishment and see a display table beautifully organized with merchandise of interest, the items have a better chance of selling quickly.

Along with a display table, your window  / storefront merchandising can be what draws customers toward the store and entices them to walk inside while the display table it what encourages buying. On the inside, each display table must be strategically placed so it is seen yet not in the way.

Vibrant Displays

Especially during the holiday season, the use of bold shapes and bright colors on display tables can be used to catch the attention of shoppers. Immediately after entering the store, customers will automatically gravitate to that very table.

As part of your strategy, be sure to have a display table of items on sale or that are affordably priced along with a display table of more expensive merchandise. For this strategy, the less expensive items will get customers to a specific area of the store so they gradually make their way to the display table with higher priced items.

Coordinated Tables

You can also use a display table as a way of coordinating items. In other words, if your retail store sells clothing, instead of just setting clothes out on the table, you want to create coordinated sets that include a top, pants, earrings, watch, and so on. This helps guide customers on how to mix and match the products you sell and can create the experience for them, encouraging them to spend more.