Tips for Choosing the Right Metal Shelving System

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Tips for Choosing the Right Metal Shelving System

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A great way to clear up floor space is with the right metal shelving system. For various industries, including retail, restaurant, and hotel, metal shelves are an essential component. However, before you run out and purchase just any system, you should consider a number of factors.


In North America, hundreds of companies manufacture metal shelving systems. Unfortunately, the quality varies dramatically. Therefore, the first consideration has to do with choosing a reputable company. For instance, at Action Retail Outfitters, we have a dedicated team of professionals who engineer, design, develop, manufacture, and install top-quality products used for display purposes.

Picking a Style

You will also need to consider the style of metal shelving system you are most interested in buying. At Action Retail Outfitters, we offer a full range of products to accommodate any need. For example, we have fixed and movable shelves, built-in shelving systems, floating shelves, and freestanding shelves of various sizes and styles.

Available Space and Configuration

With information on the different metal shelving systems available, you will need to take exact measurements of the space. Just as when measuring for window treatments, be sure to measure three times. As part of this, consider the configuration of your business. Measurements of both floor space and configuration are important because you want to provide customers with room to move while offering a wide selection of merchandise for them to buy.

Storage and Display

When selecting a new metal shelving system, you have to think about both storage and display. Rather than stuff a lot of merchandise in a back room where it is difficult to keep organized and find for customers, it would be better to choose metal shelving that offers some kind of storage solution.


Compared to the competition, we maintain affordable prices without compromising on quality or style. In addition to each type of system having a unique price, the overall cost will increase as you add more features. If you have a set budget, allow us to work with you in finding the ideal metal shelving system based on what you need and can afford to spend.