Introduction to Today’s Mannequins

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Introduction to Today’s Mannequins

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Today’s mannequins are dramatically different from those even 10 years ago. In addition to appearing more lifelike, some are equipped with technology. While the demand for mannequins in retail stores remains high, other industries depend on this type of display as well.

When placed inside a store or store window, mannequins typically display clothes, shoes, and accessories, allowing consumers to better visualize a particular look. With this, mannequins become an effective form of marketing and advertising. However, mannequins also aid in security.

High-Tech Mannequins

Designed with innovative technology, mannequins can be equipped to identify criminals through face recognition. A camera embedded in one eye feeds information about shoppers and passersby into facial recognition software, followed by the logging of age, gender, and race. In addition to using these mannequins in retail stores, they have become a popular addition to airports and train stations.

Some mannequins can also eavesdrop. In this case, retail management can hear what consumers have to say about a particular ensemble displayed on the mannequin thanks to technology. Because of this, business owners have the opportunity to get quick feedback and make appropriate changes.

Display Options

Along with high-quality mannequins that sell products and enhance consumers’ shopping experience, at Action Retail Outfitters, we have a full line of display options for you to consider. Whether you own a small clothing boutique or manage a large retail chain, we offer a variety of possibilities.

  • Double Two-Tier Wall Unit – Measuring 16 x 96.1 x 88 inches, this wall unit comes with four epoxy-coated handrails compete with attached 1/4-inch chrome wire and 5/16-inch levelers. In addition, you can choose between black and white.
  • Four-Way Handbag Rack – For accessories, we offer a four-way handbag rack constructed of 1-inch tubing. This rack can easily hold up to 20 handbags. As part of the design are four individual arms, each with five hooks and adjustable from 48 to 72 inches in increments of 3 inches.


At Action Retail Outfitters, we provide an endless number of solutions for store fixtures, including mannequins. Along with catalog products, our products are customizable, designed as well as developed by top experts in the field. To gain an edge over the competition, we are here to assist you.