Gondola Shelving in Edmonton

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Gondola Shelving in Edmonton

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Gondola shelving is a freestanding fixture that Edmonton retailers use to display merchandise. Typically, gondolas consist of a double sided flat base coupled with a vertical feature.   This vertical feature can hold pegboard, slatwalls, or masonite, and standard notches can take brackets for shelves, hooks and other displays.

To gain a better understanding of gondola shelving in Edmonton, think of this as being an independent island with two sides and a unit for display. Because of its versatility, a gondola is beneficial for a variety of store fixtures. While there are a number of styles, the pegboard style and metal shelves are among the more popular.

Benefits of Gondola Shelving in Edmonton

Although widely used throughout the retail industry, gondolas benefit other industries as well. This type of shelving has become a top choice in North America and around the globe. Because of its diversity, strength, and aesthetics, gondola shelving offers many benefits that include the following:

  • Strength – Gondola shelving is extremely strong. Therefore, it accommodates a large volume of merchandise. However, you can also use gondolas for numerous accessories if you want. In addition, you have options for add-ons.
  • Adjustable – Another reason for using gondola shelving is its adjustability. Excluding the base, this type of display is adjustable. Keep in mind that usually, the base is set 8 inches off the ground or floor according to compliance regulations established by health code officials.
  • Board Options – With a gondola, you can choose from different laminated board types that include slatwall, solid board, and pegboard.
  • Support – Unlike most other displays that have a post in each of the corners of the shelf, gondola shelving does not. Instead, the support for the shelves is on just one end, meaning this system has vertically aligned shelves that work as one, continuous shelf.
  • Material – All the parts of the gondola is metal with the exception of the board.
  • Tilt – Tilting of the bottom shelf of a gondola, which is referred to as the base deck, is possible.
  • Unit Styles – You will also find that gondola shelving comes in island and wall units. For both, attached parts are at the back portion of the upright.
  • Overall versatility – You can use gondola shelving as is or you can add on custom pieces to ‘dress it up’ and make it look like a custom fixture without the cost of custom.