Action Retail Outfitters is committed to providing our customers all the standard store fixtures they need to outfit their retail space and full access to designers, manufacturers, installers and merchandisers when more than standard is needed.

We work with you to optimize your retail space and drive business.  Our diverse and talented team are one of the most creative and innovative teams in North America producing environments that are as distinctive and varied as the businesses they are created for.

Bud Morris

Bud Morris
President & Owner

An entrepreneur and pioneer in the Canadian retail market, Bud’s success in leading some of North America’s largest fixture manufacturing companies and executing programs for global clients inspired him to create a company that combined all the components and value added services required for creating successful retail environments. In his career, he’s had the opportunity to recognize the importance of quality and customer service, and continues to make that a priority for him and his company.

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Luisa Loffreda
Vice President Operations

Luisa’s perseverance, drive and dedication are what motivate her to provide what customers expect – exceptional value and on-time delivery. With over 30 years experience in manufacturing, Luisa’s track record for on-time delivery and highest quality in standards has earned her a rock solid reputation in the industry. Luisa always has her eye on effective control of costs and overhead to ensure we maintain a strength and diversity that all our clients can benefit from.

Michael Benarroch

Michael Benarroch
General Manager

Michael’s commitment to growth and knowledge of the store fixtures industry is what instantly builds trust and confidence with new and existing clients facing new challenges and opportunities. With over 14 years experience, if he doesn’t have the answers to all your questions he knows where to get them.

Jim Day

Kevin Koyko
Director of New Business Development – Western Canada

A veteran with over 15 years in the industry, Kevin has the knowledge and expertise to provide the right solutions. Having worked with numerous clients which have included independent and national retailers, merchandisers and designers his experience gives new and existing customers the confidence to know that any project can be completed and any challenge can be met.